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It all began at Drayton Mills

In July of 2019, Bob Munnich and his son Ian took over the catering facility at Drayton Mills in Spartanburg County.

While working on booking weddings and event, they decided to host a "Ghost Kitchen" out of the recently renovated catering kitchen.  Ian had just moved to Drayton from Charleston where he had graduated college and worked for a couple of years with a wine distributor.  Feeling a little lonely, Ian fostered a puppy.  He named him Drayton, calling him Dray for short.  While thinking of names for the ghost kitchen, the name "Dray Cafe" came up (named after Drayton Mills) but we decided to adopt Dray (the dog) as our mascot.

Dray cafe served innovative gastro pub food, classics, but prepared fresh and in innovative ways.  Dray caught on and was being delivered throughout Spartanburg via Hub City Delivery.  As time went on the pair took over a restaurant on property and decided to carry the name into a full "bar & Grill" and created "Dray Bar & Grill" with the tag line of Chef run, Dog owned!

In 2021 Shawn Wagoner approached Bob about doing the food service at his brewery "Plankowner Brewing Company" So bob gave new life to the limited service Dray Cafe, Bringing his Sous Chef from Dray Bar & Grill in as Head Chef and Manager.

Tyler and Gabe took over the reigns at the Brewery and have been serving the same style of innovative, fresh cuisine that Bob had founded at the original Dray Cafe.

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 8.54.09 AM.png

since 2021​

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